Sunday, December 16, 2007

Environment Design

The establishing shot is drawn up.


cory said...

Hey chris Good stuff man. Its really startin to develop. My only critique is that from this view you cannot see the entrance to the kingdom. This may be solved by moving the whole kingdom to the right a bit. The path should show that it leads to the kindom. Other than that keep up the good work man.

cory said...

One more thing ,on the right side the mountain wall that kind of hangs over. It is well done although design wise I think creats tension in that area. I know that your purpose for doing so may have been to direct the viewers eye towards the kindom. Maybe flip it upside down so that both walls are downwards sloping towards the kingdom this will create more balance and center the kingdom. The viewer is able to rest nicely between this new \./ shape created by the mountains.

Aaron Adams said...

I agree with Cory. The overhang on the right of the frame doesn't feel right. It is drawn well, but I compositionally I'd like to see something closer to what Cory is saying.