Monday, September 10, 2012

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Rock in the Road - Info

We set out to make a simple parable about a king who puts an obstacle in a road to test the character of his subjects. The project grew in scope until it took on the life of its own narrative and became a test of our character! We’re finally done, and hope you enjoy the film.

If you have any questions regarding production, I’ll be happy to answer them or put you in contact with student crew.




When a king devises a simple test for his subjects, a young boy puts the needs of others before his own, providing hope for the kingdom.

In a faraway land, a king governed his realm so well that his people were in want of nothing. As the years passed, the king noticed his people had become lazy and selfish, so he devised a simple test to show them the value of others. As a young boy unknowingly faces the challenge, the future of the kingdom is built on the strength of his character.

In the fall of 2007, Southern Adventist University’s animation students set out to create a three-minute short film based on a simple parable. This artistic venture, intended to be completed during one year, turned into a five-year journey. The result is the twelve-minute animated short, "Rock in the Road."

The scope of the project grew as the team became interested in telling a longer form story. But as students who started it graduated, and other projects were begun, finishing the short became its own “rock in the road.” However, professors and students persevered, realizing the completion of the film would benefit everyone who was involved. A small, dedicated crew worked on it between other projects to finish the film at the end of the 2012 school year.

About Animation at the School of Visual Art & Design, Southern Adventist University:
Emphasis is placed on developing talent for the purpose of benefiting others through service. Character animation students are encouraged to tell narrative stories that reflect truths and concepts that focus on external means of change. Under the guidance of Disney veteran Hendel Butoy, instruction is focused on collaborative production where a studio-like environment is established during the third and fourth years of study.

About Southern Adventist University:
Southern Adventist University is a graduate and undergraduate co-educational university with more than 3,100 students. The university offers graduate degrees, baccalaureate degrees, and associate degrees on its 1,000-acre campus in Collegedale, Tennessee.

Software used:
Maya, Vray, Nuke, Shotgun, Qube, After Effects

Zach Gray
Associate Professor – School of Visual Art & Design, Southern Adventist University
zachary.c.gray -at-
423.236.2732 (office)

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Screenshots for release.