Friday, May 27, 2011

Env Getting Closer

Been adding vRay fur for grass and vRay proxy objects for trees. Need to do some tweaks on a shot by shot basis, but feeling like we are getting close!

Had to blur the image a bunch since the sampling was adding noise, but if you scale it down, it seems to be working. Also, the colors are goofy because I had to take it into photoshop to do a couple paint fixes and it was in sRGB, so I used HDR toning to get the colors back, so it looks over saturated and a bit funky.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lighting tweak

Tweaked color space.


Getting closer with lighting. Ran into a bug with maya and our cache system. We had reached the hard coded limit for open files between vRay and maya. The folks at Chaos group were kind enough to include a workaround in their release version.

Yannick Amegan has been working on lighting. Been getting closer to getting a look dialed in.

I've been struggling to get the linear workflow working properly in maya. Vray is set up for it, but it's been a real challenge getting maya to cooperate. If you've done any reading on linear comp/rendering, it's pretty complicated if you didn't plan for it from the beginning. We definitely didn't plan for it, but now it's making a big difference.