Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finally Rendering

It's been a slow and painful process, trying to squeeze the time in to get this rendering. Family is in Australia, so I've been working 14's.

Spent a solid week getting qube running. Total pain. I had to write a custom command template in python to submit the standalone vray jobs. It's like writing out a rib, everything is contained in the file except textures.

These absurdly simple frames are taking 45 minutes on 8core 8gb. There has got to be a way to optimize this stuff. The hair looks pretty great I think. It's just a fractal/bump/trans/ramp/falloff shader. ... got a support ticket in to vray to fix the lack of mip_mapped displacement. It broke in the beta i'm using. (which I'm using because normal maps were broken in another build)

only 18 frames, so don't get your hopes up. (I'm also fixing the SS flicker)

Seq3_2 from Rocky Road on Vimeo.